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Pink Diamond Earrings Buying Guide

Traditional white diamonds are well-loved because of their beauty, but colored diamonds, also known as fancy diamonds, are quickly becoming more popular with women everywhere. Enhanced stones that blaze boldly with beautiful color are more unique and stand out more than classic diamonds.

Pink diamonds are just one of the many stones that are growing in popularity. When choosing pink diamond earrings, there are a few key things to keep in mind in order to make the smartest purchase.

Luxury Pink Diamond Earrings

The Color of Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds come in a variety of different hues from pale rose to hot pink. Pale pink diamond earrings are great for a more subtle look, while bolder, darker colors stand out more.

Pink Diamond Earrings

Many pink diamonds have been enhanced, so the color is more beautiful and longer lasting, and the stone itself is clearer.

The Clarity of Pink Diamonds

Like classic diamonds, pink diamonds are also rated on a clarity scale. This scale is used to indicate any flaws that are found in the diamond.

Pink Diamond Stud Earrings

The clarity scale ranges from FL to I3. Diamonds with a rating of FL are considered completely flawless and because of the quality and rarity, these diamonds are very expensive. I3 diamonds have many flaws that are visible to the naked eye, and they are considered the most low-quality of all diamonds, although they are the least expensive. The ratings on the clarity scale include:

FL Flawless diamonds are considered perfect diamonds with no flaws
IF Internally Flawless contain only small surface blemishes
VVS1 and VVS2 Very, Very Slightly Included has flaws that are difficult to see under 10x magnification
VS1 and VS2 Very Slightly Included has flaws that may be easy or difficult to see under 10x magnification
I1 Included has flaws that can be seen without magnification
I2 Has flaws that are very easily seen
I3 Has extremely large flaws that can be seen very easily

The higher on the scale a pink diamond is rated, the more rare and expensive it will be. Often, budget comes into play when deciding what clarity to choose. Those who have no set budget may want to purchase the highest possible quality, while those on a budget can enjoy pink diamonds that have visible flaws.

The Shape of Pink Diamonds

Picking the shape of pink diamonds is all a matter of personal preference. Pink diamonds come in many of the same shapes that white diamonds and other gemstones are known for, including:
  • Round
  • Emerald
  • Oval
  • Marquise
  • Heart
  • Cushion cut
  • Asscher cut

Pink Diamond Earring Settings

When choosing pink diamond earrings, there are a variety of settings to choose from. Many of the most popular types of earrings are beautiful studs that hug the ears, although dangling chandelier earrings displaying one or more diamonds are also available. Settings are available in sterling silver, gold, platinum, and stainless steel.

White and Pink Diamond Drop Earrings

Pink diamond earring studs may feature a number of prongs ranging from three and up. The more prongs an earring has, the more secure the stone will be. Some settings feature posts with traditional butterfly backs, while others have screw backs for added security.

Choosing the Size of Pink Diamond Earrings

Pink diamond earrings come in many different sizes, ranging from a fraction of a carat to a full carat or even multiple carats. The size of the diamond, combined with the clarity, determine the price.

Fancy Pink Diamond Earrings

A larger pink diamond is typically more expensive than a smaller diamond, although small diamonds that are rated high on the clarity scale will cost more than larger, lower quality diamonds.

Setting a Budget for Pink Diamond Earrings

All of these factors that make each pair of diamond earrings different helps determine the overall price. Before purchasing pink diamond earrings, it's important to set a budget, then research different diamonds to see which pair is the best investment. With higher budgets, choosing clear, beautiful stones is more important than choosing a larger size, as inferior stones that are much larger show very obvious flaws. Smaller stones that are clear have more shine and beauty.

Pink Diamond Drop Earrings

For those with smaller budgets, choosing a smaller pair or one that contains visible flaws in an option. Enhanced diamonds are also less expensive than natural pink diamonds, so these stones are an ideal choice for anyone on a budget. It's important to remember that all fancy diamonds are extremely rare, so in many cases, these colored stones may be even more expensive than traditional white diamonds.

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