Friday, November 25, 2011

Deano & Co. Jewelry Designs

Deano & Co. Jewelers partners with many reputable retailers within the jewelry industry such as, Macy’s, Zales, Target, and many more known retailers. They offer you unique high quality jewelry in gold, silver, semi and precious gemstones, diamonds, beaded design styles, men’s designs, wedding sets, bracelets, pendants, rings and earrings as well.

Diamond Baguette Earrings

Information is also readily available regarding the cleaning and care of your fabulous jewelry pieces and keep them sparkling and new looking for years to come. You can also find an array of information on different stones and gemstones through Deano & Co. Some of the popular designs in their handcrafted jewelry include beaded double-strand necklaces, chokers, leather bracelets, earrings made of amber, exquisite pearl jewelry designs and beautiful unique brooches, which are making a large comeback this season.

Tanzanite and Diamond Earrings

The sweet star necklace from Deano & Co. crafted using agate and carnelian stones. This style is highly hip for today’s women. This necklace makes a striking statement. It is in a double pendant design style. The first pendant is much like a wrapped hard candy shimmering with an agate in brilliant green center. The second pendant is in a star shape design with a radiant center of carnelian. It is crafted in sterling silver and is exclusively designed and crafted by Agung Pribadi.

White Gold Diamond Studs

Deano & Co. also has a hip-hop complete style of jewelry for the trendier and younger crowds. This includes spinner jewelry like key chains, rings and necklaces. Other designs within this group include chains, watches, earrings, belt buckles, pendants, bracelets and iced earrings. Some are even designed with your favorite hip-hop artist’s monikers within them.

White Gold Diamond Stud Earrings

There are many gothic and Egyptian styles within this category too. You can also find lovely birthstone jewelry designs, whether you are looking for earrings and necklace sets or rings and bracelets for your favorite guy or gal. There is a wide selection of body jewelry available in toe rings, belly rings and anklets, in exciting styles and designs. Toe rings are crafted in silver and 14 karat gold; some include diamonds and other dazzling gemstones within their settings and designs.

The belly rings are amazingly designed with 14 karat gold and gemstones as well as diamonds, all in various shapes and sizes. From oval charm belly rings to genuine peridot, dangling amethyst hearts, rubies and diamonds or sapphire and diamonds you will have a vast assortment to make a selection from. Deano & Co. also carries vintage jewelry designs and styles. These are made in gold, gemstones, cubic zirconias, costume, estate, marcasite, beaded, rhinestone, button, bridal, silver and turquoise.

Mother of Pearl Diamond Earrings

You can also fine unique healing stones for use in bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc. These fine healing stones include alexandrite, amber, amethyst, agate, bloodstone, carnelian, emerald, garnet, lapis lazuli, moonstone, opal, jade, onyx, tourmaline, turquoise, topaz, quartz either smoky or rose and diamond.

Designer Diamond Hoop Earrings

Deano & Co. have all of the hottest new trends in the fashion jewelry world for the seasons coming up. Circular styles, western influences, gypsy/bohemian, romantic/feminine, bold, long and layered styles, cuffs, natural styles in wood and shells and designer one of a kind jewelry styles are going to be all the rage for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter seasons this year.

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